Care for healthcare.

Zilveren Kruis
UX Design, In-house design team
Starting point
What is going to happen?
Besides price, health insurance companies compete on personal attention.

People want to know where they stand. Think about the treatment process, which providers are in the neighbourhood or when a bill has to be paid. Previously, this information was scattered across various tools of Zilveren Kruis. Navigating within these is difficult for patients and their relatives.

Together with Zilveren Kruis, we strived for a comprehensive tool to compose a personal care plan. With this, several Zilveren Kruis tools have been combined into one.
My tasks
Sketch & understand
In the beginning I gained insights from the brand, identity and development team. We worked together with the designers and developers of Zilveren Kruis, to iterate quickly. After that, I started mapping out the flow.

This resulted in a series of flow charts and priority guides. I then created documented wireframes (desktop and mobile), as well as detailed interactive prototypes.
Would you like the receipt?
Know what to expect
After logging in with DigiD (Dutch government e-login), a customer can really see where he stands. This gives you a quick overview of waiting times, prices and additional care. You can save this information in the 'receipt' at the top right, which you e-mail to yourself (or friend, relative) as a PDF. Old-fashioned? A solution that fits everyone.
We help you wait
The waiting time can quickly mount up. In the meantime, it is nice to be helped. Zilveren Kruis offers extra services at different points in the journey, for example the Zorgcoach. These and more can all be found in the same timeline in the Zorgverkenner (Care Finder).
The first version of the tool was developed in three months.

We processed regular updates and worked in-house with the sprint team. I was responsible for the interaction design. After delivering an MVP of our product, we helped test the product with Zilveren Kruis customers. These insights led to version 2.0 of the Zorgverkenner. A smooth experience, as a basis for future developments.
Straight ahead
By linking information from reliable sources, Zilveren Kruis can smoothen the digital customer journey. The Zorgverkenner builds a bridge between consumer and care provider.

Zilveren Kruis has gradually rolled out the Zorgverkenner as their new digital proposition. One that will be used in future campaigns to promote their brand.

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