Predict the future.

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Just add tomato plants
The greenhouse industry is immense and under great pressure. Those who apply smart technology quickly save a lot of resources. That's not just pocketmoney. Ridder HortOs makes life predictable for market gardeners. The web app links the power of smart sensors to custom-built software. How about turning up the heating in your greenhouse one week? Simply calculate the effect yourself and immediately see the costs and estimated yield.

People say 'to measure is to know, but to predict is to master.

During an initial brainstorming session, we mapped out the customer requirements. With a lot of gardeners in the room, this was soon done. I formed these ideas into the first basis of the interaction design and tested this with the product owner.
A good start
Adding fields and linking people
Together with Ridder's software team, I worked on UX documentation and interaction design for HortOs. I worked out several scenarios. Firstly, a simple onboarding. Here, the grower can add a new crop and make a colleague the owner.
At a glance
'Talk to me, how are we doing?'
With an 'executive view' you can see at a glance how things are going in the greenhouse. One clear figure - the boss likes that too. A clear dashboard, so that no one gets unpleasant surprises. Handy notifications tell you when adjustments need to be made.

An in-depth study is made in no time. Over time, the costs for electricity, water and manpower are easy to see. Safe and sound in one system.
We are going to the fair!
Drop by our stand
We presented our solution to visitors to the industry leading GreenTech trade fair. Ridder representatives had reserved a table for us in their stall. While enjoying classic Dutch snacks, we thus received direct feedback from major players in the world of greenhouse horticulture.
Fits exactly in the greenhouse
Greenhouse horticulturists are professionals. Ridder HortOs gives them an in-depth view of their greenhouses. One central environment for large-scale horticultural businesses. We don't have to tell them how to do their work, but we can help them get the most out of it. With the webapp, we offer quick insight into the (predictable) future. All through a user-friendly interface.

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