Multitool under your thumb.

UX Design, User test
Starting point
A real maker knows what he wants.
Praxis is a Dutch hardware store chain.

Always his trusted products, with a little discount if possible. The Praxis app is the Praxis customer's swiss army knife. Equipped with a fresh yellow jacket, it is ready for the future. Packed with handy features that make people return. If they return enough, we reward them for their loyalty.

In collaboration with WeAreBrain and New Craft, I worked as UX Designer on the interaction design for the new Praxis app 'for the makers'.
My tasks
Sketching, sweating, repeating
During a full (and very hot) design sprint, I worked on different prototypes. Together with copywriters, strategists, services designers and a product owner from Praxis, we headed for a big user test on Friday afternoon. After a smooth elaboration of the flows, I arrived at overview screens. With these, I clicked together a workable prototype, which we presented in the Praxis shop.
As long as the basis is in place
What type of screen is needed here?
To keep the momentum going, I made a series of template screens. With these building blocks, we quickly sketched an app. Dashboard to splash, onboarding to account. It's all in there.
Systems thinking
With the right bricks
A brand like Praxis (Maxeda) has its digital affairs in order. The same goes for a design system. I made a first move for the new design, based on the current online style. With this demo we went into a cool DIY store and talked to several shoppers.
An upward trend
After the sprint week, I joined the Praxis product owner in a meeting with the development team. I provided the application with text and explanation and incorporated feedback into the new interaction design. The final designs were developed internally.

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