Into the fields.

UX Design, Design system, User test
Under the skin
Every potato is unique. In Joure, Friesland, HPZC develops the most diverse varieties, ready for the world market. Each potato is grown for a specific climate or desire. They all have their own approach. Clear instructions, therefore. Big potatoes for the Big Yellow M. Small potatoes for the Big Blue. Farmers all over the world receive leaflets for this, written in their language. The question is whether they can read it. Besides text, clear pictograms help the farmers step by step with the cultivation and care of the varieties.
Potato in a different light
Ploughing with an ox, planning with a smartphone. That is how big the differences are. I mapped out the farmers' wishes on the basis of earlier interviews. The core of the app is the timeline. Through various chapters and detail pages, the farmer has the right information under his thumb. And a bit of soil, of course.
Our app has a(p)peal
Good stuff just works better. To get started quickly (and reduce development costs), I used Google's Material Design template. It's easy to style and scales perfectly on different devices.

An illness or other problem? The app has an answer to that too. With the chat function you can contact colleagues or local HZPC staff. Otherwise there is always the wiki. 

Every farmer is unique, the love for the profession is the common denominator. 
Video 'HZPC TO Grow' made by HZPC.
The app has been well received in the field. The farmers easily classify their varieties and get appropriate advice. Tailor-made from soil to conveyor belt.

During the International Potato Days, we showed growers from Israel, South Africa and France our solution. Not familiar with the International Potato Days yet? Neither did we. This is the day when all major players in the potato world come together. An excellent opportunity to test our ideas. Adjustments and suggestions are incorporated in the final design.

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