What I can do for you.


I like to be on time.

I get involved in creating first ideas and sketching. Getting together is good for the energy, but a true customer journey lifts you out of your seat.

That is why I talk to the customer's customer. They know better than anyone what they want. In this way, we form a clear picture of the concept together.
  • User research
  • Interviews
  • Sketches


When you see it, you understand it.

I translate a quick sketch into a sitemap, flow or wireframe. A whole system if you like. Desktop, mobile. Whatever the demand. I prefer to work with Figma or Sketch. Is there something new and better tomorrow? Then I'll use that. Have you heard of Webflow? I used it to build this site.

Once it moves, it really comes to life. With Principle or ProtoPie I give wings to a concept . Okay, with both feet on the ground.

One word can make the difference. I help you to write appropriate UX copy. Bring everything together and you get a beautiful blueprint for visual design and technology.
  • Interaction design
  • (UX) copywriting 
  • Functional animations
  • Backlog documentation
  • Development handoff


I'll help you find the right people. An existing project can be a starting point as well.

Are the numbers of your application failing? Talk to some people and you'll find out soon enough where.

I help you with UX improvements, asking for customer wishes and writing test scripts.
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Testscripts  
  • Usertests
  • UX review